What is leadership to you?

Leadership uniquely, is a dynamic term which can be defined in over 10,000 ways. Acting as student principal for the day, I realised the diversity of the word and how it can be altered in certain situations.

For example, working in the morning with the principal, Mr Fitzsimons saw me talking with numerous staff and students, becoming aware of obscurities around the school, and observing the procedures of a regular day.

I then spent some time with the highly esteemed Mrs McGregor, where I discussed leadership and improvements for Dapto High School with her year 7 English class.

The sanctuary then facilitated the current captains and I where we conversed about their experiences in the SRC, both good and bad.


So having experiences today from the perspective of a principal, a teacher and a student; I have come to realise the importance of leadership in our school.

If you are currently in Year 10 and are keen about leadership, feel free to talk with me about my experience today because I highly recommend participating in this opportunity next year!

Consider this, “IF NOT ME, WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN?” – Emma Watson
-Taylor Glover