Earth Hour is taking place this Saturday, 19th March, from 8.30 to 9.30pm.

Time to turn off the lights, disconnect, and reflect on the impact our actions have on Earth.


Carole Wilkinson addresses the footprint we leave on the Earth’s atmosphere in her book, Atmospheric: The Burning Story of Climate Change.

From the blurb:

‘Talking about the weather used to be small talk, now it’s the hottest topic on Earth.

We can’t survive without Earth’s atmosphere, yet most of the time we ignore it. We treat our atmosphere as a rubbish dump for our greenhouse gas emissions. Slowly but surely, what we are doing to our atmosphere is changing Earth’s climate.

Atmospheric cuts through the many voices raised around climate change to tell the story of our atmosphere, what is putting our climate at risk and what we can do about it.

This could be the most important book you read in your life.

“Young people will be the ones grappling with climatte change. Atmospheric reminds them they are the key to the solution.” – Amanda McKenzie, CEO, Climate Council


This book has received excellent reviews, you can read some of them on GoodReads. Better yet, come and borrow the book from the library!


Mrs J MacFarlane

Teacher Librarian