The school could not be more pleased with the start Year 7 have made to high school. They are punctual, in uniform and have devices.

Our newest students did particularly well with the challenging workshop run by John Joseph on Monday and Tuesday this week.

The focus was on “learning how to learn” and how brains work. Students completed dissections and a range of practical learning activities to complement the theory presented by Mr Joseph about happiness, brains and learning.

Chatting with students from both groups it was apparent that some ‘take home’ messages were:

1. There should be no screens in bedrooms. People who check their device instead of sleeping end up feeling unhappy and find it hard to be rested enough to learn at school. It is really important not to fall asleep watching TV too.

2. Breakfast is essential after a nine hour sleep.

3. Video games are best played on weekends or in the afternoon rather than when it gets dark as they are fun but it makes it hard to sleep.

The school recommends that families charge devices centrally away from bedrooms and that there are no screens in bedrooms. Any parent who would like to know more about creating an environment that assists good sleep should email: or