The Student Representative Council for 2015-16 has been democratically elected.  The system is modeled on our federal processes and voters must number every box. This is only the second time the school has held an election in this way.

Thanks to the current SRC – led by Ms Jones, Mr Trist and Ms Harvey – who were the officials and counted the votes. The students did a professional job again and there was a good maths lesson or two conducted while counting the votes and working out the preferences. For some of the current SRC this is the second time they have been the officials which made the polling run smoothly.

The students, from Year 7-11, are also to be congratulated for the way they conducted themselves during the process. It is an authentic experience of voting, almost identical to what will be experienced when they turn 18 and vote in federal elections. The students learn a great deal about democratic processes as they not only stand for election and vote but also run the process and count the votes.

Congratulations to the following students who have been democratically elected by their peers:

Captains: Taylor Glover and Sean Hood

Vice Captains: Ben White and Shania Fogg

Prefects: Lance Loach; Connor Faughlin; Beau Davis; Shaun Hitchcock; Haydn Lebon; Taylor Aylett; Madeline Daffara; Rhianna Tynan; Anastacia Rowles; Chloe Fenton

Year 10: Paige Jones; Tanniah Kwan; Jordan Brocklesby; and Sooraj Raja

Year 9: Bridget Hennah and Luke Pirangi

Year 8: Jake Attwell and Holly Cross

Year 7: Madison Brown and Patrick O’Connor

The parents, carers and grandparents of the students elected will be invited to the SRC induction ceremony at the school on Thursday, 23rd July at 8.30am.