Dapto High encourages students to reflect on the nature of living in a democracy as part of civics and citizenship education at the school. Good schools have good student leaders by providing plenty of opportunities for developing leadership skills.

For the last three years our Student Representative Council (SRC) has been elected by the students. The process is run very formally by the current SRC with resources supplied by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). The students practically learn about how elections work including preferential voting in this process. There are many candidates who stand for the 24 positions available.

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The SRC are leading another initiative in the ‘Nurturing Democracy’ program later in the term by hosting a forum for all candidates contesting the seat of Whitlam. This will be the third time such a panel has occurred prior to a federal or state election and is an invaluable opportunity for students to ask questions about policy of the candidates.

Thanks to the team of Year Advisors who support the students. Special thank to the SRC Collaborators – Ms Jones and Mr Trist – who make the day work and Ms Robbins-Harvey who does much of the administrative and statistical work counting votes with a team of mathematicians.

Good luck to all the candidates. The principal will announce the new SRC team in coming weeks, along with captains and prefects.