Principal’s Welcome

Andrew FitzSimons - Principal

Andrew FitzSimons - Principal

Inspire, explore, create.

Words to encourage and enthuse; work has been underway for some time to re-think the way we position ourselves in the wider community. Our school is 57 years young and surrounded by change, this process has led us quickly to realise that the way we think about ourselves is central to community perceptions. Challenging ourselves to have, ‘inspire, explore, create’ front and centre in our daily work is the only way forward.

Students, their families, our community, staff members are all encouraged to hold the school accountable for such a declaration. Whether it be last period Friday, the design of assessment schedules, the way we run carnivals, our approach to encouraging students engagement or transition from Y6 to Y7 and Y12 to Uni/TAFE/work; ‘inspire, explore, create’ is the discipline.


Hang on to your hat!


Andrew FitzSimons Principal