Year 7 students participated enthusiastically in a workshop with John Joseph this week. The focus was on “learning how to learn” and how “their brains work”.

The students dissected a brain to help them understand the different functions and how these assist their own learning. They also thought about their future careers and did some creative activities to help them think/plan.

The Year 7 Advisors – Amy Boyd and Joel Trist – were very impressed with the group’s level of participation is these challenging activities. On Monday it was particularly hot and the students showed great resilience.

This is the fifth year John has run these workshops which show students how they can maximise their learning potential. Some of the take home messages include:

1. There should be no screens in bedrooms. People who check their device instead of sleeping end up feeling unhappy and find it hard to be rested enough to learn at school. It is really important not to fall asleep watching TV too.

2. Breakfast is essential after a nine hour sleep.

3. Video games are best played on weekends or in the afternoon rather than when it gets dark as they are fun but it makes it hard to sleep.

Next year, due to requests from parents, John Joseph will run a similar workshop for adults commencing at 6.30pm.

NB There will be no dissection. ;)