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Fees in advance

Fees in advance


Dapto High School has a system called Fees in advance to ease financial pressures allowing you to pay in advance.
Although we strive to keep costs to a minimum this system allows you to make small, affordable part payments to cover the costs of fees, voluntary school contributions, donations to the P&C and major excursions (excluding Daylight Uniforms) weekly, fortnightly or monthly.
This takes the pressure off finding large sums of money for major excursions and fees.

For more information please click the link below

Fees in Advance Brochure


Ms St Hill represents DHS at an Educational Forum in China

Ms St Hill represents DHS at an Educational Forum in China

During the recent April school holidays, Ms Joanne St Hill represented DHS at an Educational Forum in China with 12 other school leaders from Australia. This wonderful opportunity showcased Australian teaching and learning methods to a forum of 600 Chinese Principals and Government Officials. During the 10 day educational tour, Ms St Hill visited and taught in several secondary schools and universities. There was also a brief opportunity to visit The Great Wall of China, the Ming Tombs and Tiananmen Square. DHS gifted the Hangzhou Middle School a photo of our local area and coins from the Australian Mint and in return we received a Chinese calligraphy scroll with a poem.
Interesting facts about Chinese middle schools in the City of Hangzhou:
  • ​​​​school starts at 7.10 am and finishes at 5.10pm
  • each student has 7 one hour lessons per day with a ten minute break between each lesson
  • students do not bring any food or technology to school
  • there are no garbage bins only paper recycling bins
  • the school feeds all students once a day in a large cafeteria for 30 mins at lunch
  • water dispensers outside each classroom have both chilled and boiling water for tea
  • teachers teach one hour lesson per day, all other time is for marking and preparation
  • clubs run after school 5.10 – 6.10 pm eg drama, robotics, calligraphy, sport, handicrafts
  • it is expected that middle school students work on homework until midnight
Front entrance to Hangzhou Middle School

The main entrance to Hangzhou Middle School

Assembly at Hangzhou Middle School

School assembly at Hangzhou Middle School, girls at the front, boys at the back.

Collaborative learning task

Grade 9 students working on Ms St Hill’s collaborative learning lesson.

Hangzhou Middle School

The beautiful manicured entrance to the Hangzhou Middle School, equipped with a security gate and guard.

Main quad

The main quad and sporting fields of Hangzhou Middle School.

Me at Aust Embassy

The Australian Educational Leaders were guests at the Australian Embassy in Beijing.

Tianamen Square

Revolutionary statues outside Chairman Mao’s Mausoleum in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.

Yr 5 student

Year 5 students were involved in a demonstration lesson for the Educational Forum.

Yr 9 English class

A typical Grade 9 classroom in the Beijing Academy.

Collaborative learning task

Grade 9 students involved in collaborative learning lessons.

Front entrance Hangzhou Middle School

What a school entrance! Newly built for the state school of Hangzhou Middle School.

Gift to DHS from Hangzhou Middle School

The Principal of Hangzhou Middle School has presented Dapto High School with a calligraphy scroll containing a Chinese poem.


This was a wonderful experience and Ms St Hill gained deep and authentic insight into Chinese schools and education philosophies.

Hanging pots


ICAS student assessment and competition opportunity

ICAS student assessment and competition opportunity



Throughout term 2 and term 3 of this year, 25 of our students from DHS have the opportunity to participate in the ICAS assessment program. ICAS is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. There are 6 assessments including Digital Technologies, Science, Spelling, Writing, English and Mathematics. Congratulations to those students who have commenced their participation in this assessment. We look forward to celebrating your results. Each student receives a certificate of participation and feedback on their results compared to students in the same year grade throughout the world.


Yr 8 students attend Festival of STEM at UOW

Yr 8 students attend Festival of STEM at UOW

45 Yr 8 students along with 450 other students from around the region,​ attended the free Festival of STEM and Entrepreneurship at the UOW. IMG_3320 IMG_3323 IMG_3324 IMG_3334 IMG_3336 IMG_3338STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology. Engineering and Mathematics. Students participated in emerging technologies and used creative and critical thinking skills to problem solve interesting tasks. They heard from women involved in STEM study, research and careers. Hayleigh was lucky enough to have her name drawn out to receive one of three prizes given on the day.

Free Parent Workshop

Free Parent Workshop

The P&C has invited John Joseph, who will present workshops* to Year 7 on how their brains work in Week 4, to speak with parents on Tuesday 20th Feb. 5.00-7.00pm. Year 7 parents are particularly invited to attend.

This is a free event.

Please email Darcy.Moore@det.nsw.edu.au if attending (for catering purposes).

Parenting Flyer Template for Dapto HS SM1 Feb 2018

*The focus is on “learning how to learn” and how brains work. Students complete dissections** and a range of practical learning activities to complement the theory presented by Mr Joseph about happiness, brains and learning. This will be the sixth time John has presented to an incoming Year 7 cohort.

**Parents will not be doing dissections. ;)

Support DHS reach the Solar Panel Goal

Support DHS reach the Solar Panel Goal

Solar Panel

Project: 400 solar panels for Dapto High School

Donations over $2 are fully tax deductable and spent entirely on this project.

As part of the 60th celebrations, our school has taken on the challenge of raising $55k to install 400 solar panels on the roof of E Block.

Why are we doing this?

To improve the learning outcomes of our students. On some days, students are being taught in classrooms that reach in excess of 40 degrees. The school’s power bills are horrendous. With solar panels on the roof, the school can work towards heating and cooling classrooms in a sustainable manner.

Our time frame: June 2018

We only have a window opportunity of 9 months to take up the NSW Governments generous offer of matching schools $1:$1 to install solar panels on the roof of our school. We need $55k by June 2018. Sustainability

The 400 panels should produce > 60% of our current daily electricity usage. During weekends and holidays, excess power will be sold back to our supplier. Each panel cost $250 and has an estimated productive life  of 40 years. Demonstrating  a responsible approach to sustainability is a school and  community priority.

This is not a dream.

The project has begun, and already over $3,000 has been donated with the total still growing!

We will keep you updated with the progress of the project via the school’s website and newsletter.

Tax Deductible Donations

Donations above $2 are fully tax deductible. This is because your donation will be deposited into the Dapto High School P&C Building Fund. The P&C is very conscious of it’s responsibility of accepting public money and pledges that every donated dollar will be spent entirely on the project. We accept donations from everyone: individuals, families, the wider Dapto community, businesses and clubs. As part of our 60th celebrations we are hoping former students will ‘dig deep’. No donation is too small, or too big!

A list of all donors will be published and invited to a celebration at the official, ‘flicking of the switch’!

You can make your donations by –

1. A cheque to be made payable to:
Dapto High School P&C Building Fund.

Please attach your name/club/business along with your address, so we can ensure you receive your receipt to claim as a tax deduction.

3.Credit Card  or Cash

Either phone Dapto High School 02 4261 1416 or visit the front office between 8.30am – 3pm.

2. Direct Deposit to Account
Dapto High School

P&C Building Fund

BSB                 062-531

Account No   10233150 Description

Your Name & Solar (Please contact the school or email

daptohighpandc@gmail.com with your contact

details so a receipt can be forwarded to you).

REMEMBER: No donation is too small or too big!…….every $ is a step closer to our goal.

If you require any futher information about the project please contact Dapto High School

Canteen Volunteer

Canteen Volunteer

Canteen Vol


Providing nutritious food in our canteen is a vital step in helping kids set up healthy routines and habits for life. Our canteen is run with the help of a network of volunteers from our school community working together. If you can spare any time to join our network and help prepare and serve food at our canteen, we would very much appreciate a hand. Its easy and fun work with on–‐the–‐job training and you can dedicate as much or as little time as you like.

Apron Canteen



This years HSC showcase displayed the amazing talent DHS has on offer. Thanks are due to the Hospitality, Visual Arts, Music, Furnishings, Entertainment, D&T, Graphics, S&C and Extension English teachers and students.


IMG_0213 IMG_0276 IMG_0283 IMG_0288 IMG_0304 IMG_0313 IMG_0322 IMG_0326 IMG_0332 IMG_0352 IMG_0357 IMG_0370


Parent-Teacher Consultations

Parent-Teacher Consultations

Parent-Teacher Consultations for Year 7-8 will be held on Wednesday 28th June from 2.45pm – 6.30pm in the school library and hall.

Students have been issued with booking codes. Parents CLICK HERE to make bookings.

Year 7-8 students will receive their reports two days prior to the consultations on 26th June.

NB Parent-Teacher Consultations for Year 9-11 will be held Wednesday 19th July from 2.45 – 6.30pm (the first week back in term three) in the school library and hall students will issued with booking codes next week. Students will be issued with their reports in the last week of term two.

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