The Obsidian Blade, by Pete Hautman

The first in sci-fi time-travelling trilogy.

“Well-developed and complex characters, a fascinating time-travel framework… and a heart stopping conclusion that will leave readers looking forward to the next book.” – Publisher’s Weekly


From the blurb:

‘The first time Tucker saw the disk, his father disappeared into thin air. An hour later, the Reverend came walking up the road, tattered and sunburned, bringing with him an unspeaking, yellow-haired, dark-eyed girl. He refused to say where he had been, instead declaring that there would be no more prayer in the Feye house.

The Reverend spends hours brooding in his study, and Tucker’s mother withdraws from the world, claiming she doesn’t care to be watched by ghosts. And, above them, the unearthly disk comes and goes. When both of Tucher’s parents vanish, he goes on a desperate search – and discovers the astonishing secrets of the Klaatu diskos.’


Subjects: missing persons, religion, space flight, sci-fi, time travel, supernatural

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Mrs. J MacFarlane

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