One True Thing, by Nicole Hayes

From the blurb:

‘When is a secret not a secret? When your whole life is public.
Frankie is used to being a politician’s daughter, but with her mum now running for Premier, life’s a whole lot crazier than usual. All Frankie wants is to lose herself in her music. So when her best friend, Kessie, invites a student journo to interview the band, Frankie is less than thrilled.’

This novel deals with the difficulties that family members of politicians face when placed in the media spotlight. Frankie tries to be a normal teenager, but feels her life falling apart as the media fights to ‘get dirt’ on her mother, who is running for Premier of Victoria.

Subjects: media, music, politics, adolescence, family, secrecy, sexuality.

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Mrs. J MacFarlane
Teacher Librarian