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Creating an Autism Friendly Learning Environment-

Working with other Agencies and Services

Working with students, parents/carers, families and other agencies and providers assists in  creating an ‘autism friendly’ school culture. Within this, staff participate in a school culture that values and believes in evidence based practices,  identifies what strategies work best according to available research, contributes to school cultures that value and believes in positive parental partnerships.

Below are some of the many Agencies and Services that schools can utilise in supporting all our students. There are many more available.

Positive Partnerships

Working together to support school aged students and their families.

Positive Partnerships is a national project, funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training through the Helping Children with Autism package. We are delivered by Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), with a goal to improve the educational outcomes of school-aged students on the autism spectrum.

We work with schools, communities and families across Australia to deliver evidence-based content through workshops, webinars and online learning through our website.




Aspergers Syndrome Foundation is a  UK site that provides downloadable  INFORMATION SHEETS for  Adolescents and Young Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome

 Support for families  – ‘raisingchildren.’

This site provides up-to-date, evidence-based information on raising young children with ASD in Australia. It features:

- articles to help parents learn more about ASD

- an interactive guide to navigating services and support in Australia

- a guide to therapies and interventions used for ASD.

NSW Services – Services listed by State.


Physical Disabilities Council NSW



NSW Ombudsman


Interchange NSW are Service providers of respite care – host family, peer support and respite care.



– Australia’s independent information hub for people with disability, older people, their families and carers

didavility council

Disability Council of NSW

health share

NSW HealthShare – Disability Equipment


National and other States

asperger services

Asperger Services Australia provides support to parents, families, carers, and siblings as well as to children, adolescents and adults with Asperger’s Syndrome.

 ASPECT – Autism Spectrum Australia

Autism Spectrum NSW

Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) is Australia’s largest service provider for people on the autism spectrum. Specialise in evidence informed  schools programs  with additional services that include information and advice, diagnostic assessments, behaviour support, parent and family support, and adult programs.  They provide people on the autism spectrum with the opportunity to realise their unique potential, as well as providing much needed support to their families, carers, friends and colleagues


  ASPECT South Coast School-

Presented by Debra O’Brien

The Form: Behaviour Response Plan, Deb OBrien It is a Positive Behaviour Support Planning Tool for ASD students

Positive Behaviour Support for Autism Students – a well constructed powerpoint with great ideas.

Kids Wish


KidzWish is a charitable organisation that has been operating since 2004. They  lend a hand to help Illawarra and South Coast children who are sick, disadvantaged or have a disability.


Intensive Family Support

The Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS) is a key part of the Australian Government’s investment in targeted services to support vulnerable children and their families



Autism CRC:

The Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism (Autism CRC) is the world’s first national, cooperative research effort focused on autism. We are taking a “whole of life” approach to autism focusing on diagnosis, education and adult life.

Vision Australia

Vision Australia

At Vision Australia we offer innovative solutions and take a personalised approach to support families raising children who are blind or have low vision


Australian hearing

Australian Hearing is the nation’s leading hearing specialist and largest provider of Government funded hearing services.



Auslan Signbank is a language resources site for Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Auslan is the language of the deaf community in Australia.



 Sue Larkey

Expert practical teaching strategies, ideas, time savers, video, training, tip sheets, workshops, online learning and resources.


Tony Attwood

This website is a guide for parents, professionals and people with Asperger’s Syndrome and their partners.


 autism p explained and Researched          classroom strategies                    AUTISM HOMEPAGE                     Legislation & Guidlines          other agencies