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What is National Reconciliation Week?

What is National Reconciliation Week?

Each year National Reconciliation Week celebrates and builds on the respectful relationships shared by ATSI people and other Australians.

The dates that bookend the week are significant milestones in the reconciliation journey.


May 27—Marks the anniversary of the 1967 referendum which saw over 90 per cent of Australians vote to give the Commonwealth the power to make laws for ATSI peoples and recognise them in the national census.

3 June—Commemorates the High Court of Australia’s landmark Mabo decision in 1992, which legally recognised that ATSI peoples have a special relationship to the land—a relationship that existed prior to colonalisation and still exists today. This recognition paved the way for land rights or Native Title



World’s Greatest Shave?

World’s Greatest Shave?



The SRC did a wonderful job of raising money for Shave for a Cure on Thursday. They raised $860, enough to see the Captain and Vice Captain lose their locks, along with everyones favourite teachers assistant Mr Sherack.

Well done SRC and Dapto High School for supporting this great cause.


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As we have in previous years, DHS will be organising a trip with Year 10 to the Great Barrier Reef. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are currently delayed with the excursion organisation and booking process. If your child is planning to attend please START SAVING NOW (Prepare for a cost of approx. $1000). Rest assured we will have formal notification sorted in early Term 3.





AIME Senior Program Day 

AIME Senior Program Day 

image image On Friday the 6th of May, two of our Dapto High senior ATSI students participated in the AIME Senior Program Day held at the Novotel in Wollongong. The day consisted of a range of interactive, facilitated sessions focusing on year 12 completion and transition/ connection to the next chapter of life. Throughout the sessions, students had the opportunity to have one on one mentoring with an AIME Mentor from the University of Wollongong. The Mentor helped students to discuss and write down their goals for the future and possible career paths they would consider exploring. It was a wonderful fun-filled, positive and inspiring day for all involved as AIME strive to build the idea that Indigenous can mean success. Our senior ATSI students will also be attending part 2 of the AIME Senior Program day on Friday 13th May.​

Also the picture attached will accompany the blurb.

Kind regards,

Natasha Bogovac


AIME Senior day

Maths & Science Competitions

Maths & Science Competitions



Two competitions are coming up at DHS, make sure you get in your permission notes to be involved.


The Mathematics Competition payment deadline has been extended for another week. If you are interested and did not receive a note, please see Miss Lake in the Mathematics staff room.


Entries for the Big Science Competition are closing soon, please get your payments to the front office ASAP. If you did not receieve a note, please see Ms Mathein in the Science staff room.


DHS Cross Country team

DHS Cross Country team

Congrats to the DHS Cross Country team today who all tried their personal best!
We had a number of fantastic results including the 14yrs boys who will run as the Zone team at the area carnival! Top 6 in each age group also qualify for Area. We had  20 students gain this honor. Thankyou students and parents for your fantastic job today.


Mrs Gadd & Mr Horsley



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Sista Speak

Sista Speak


I am pleased to announce a new female Indigenous program which began this week at Dapto High, called Sista Speak. Over several years Miss Elizabeth Hodgson has consulted with the local Aboriginal community and local high schools to facilitate a program that addresses Indigenous culture while creating art projects. Each term a different group of Indigenous girls will be given the opportunity to work with Elizabeth. This week the girls produced some amazing Mother’s day cards for their first project.

Mrs Jennifer Wilkinson  –  ATSI Liaison Officer/ HSIE teacher

Picture2 Picture3

Attendance Matters

Attendance Matters

Congratulations are due over 150 students with 100% attendance during Term 1. These students will be receiving merits and certificates for their great attendance. They are also are in the running for our end of year rewards day. Last 30 students got a free Learn to Surf day and lunch at Chicho’s all for having great attendance. Keep up the effort and the rewards will come.

DOMINO’s Dapto Store – sponsor Dapto High with FREE Pizza. That’s right our local domino’s store is still sponsoring our 100% attendance initiative. Not only do the winners get a pizza of their choice (I feel like the Demtel man but wait there’s more) but a garlic bread and drink are also included. Thanks Domino’s. To be in the draw you must have 100% attendance from celebration assembly to celebration assembly (2 weeks in a row). Good Luck


Why does Attendance Matter?

Regular attendance not only improves academic results but enables students to develop a sense of belonging to a peer group and assists in building important coping and friendship skills. Confident students are less likely to engage in anti-social behaviour.

Regular attendance relieves stress and makes school easier.

We have lots of support here at Dapto High School to help    students, in the form of counsellors, year advisors, the welfare team, senior student mentor, careers advisors etc. If you feel like you need support come and speak to us.

In the next few weeks I will be sending letters to all parents/carers of students whose attendance is causing concern. Attendance  below 80% is a concern. If your child’s attendance is below 80% it means on average your child is having one day off a week.

Late is not great

Being on time is important and at Dapto High School we actively encourage all students to be on time. If you are late please make sure a note is supplied to explain why, with a valid reason. If your child is late without a valid reason it will go down as an unjustified partial absence and this will appear on your child’s report.

Please contact me with any attendance concerns.

Mr P. Cattle

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