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Stage 6@Bell Shakespeare

Stage 6@Bell Shakespeare

Yesterday 25 Stage 6 students and Ms McGregor headed to the Opera House in Sydney to watch the Bell Shakespeare production of ‘The Tempest’.

We were enthralled with the interpretation of the play, the use of a minimalist setting to create a magical world and the incredible actors who are true masters of their craft.

We entered the theatre to see Prospero, Mr Fitzsimons doppelganger, sitting in complete stillness while the audience were seated; a true representation of an actor completely in character.

The students were wonderful ambassadors for Dapto High School, both on the return trip and at the theatre. It was a beautifully sunny day in spectacular Sydney with some wonderful students.

Ms McGregor

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Red Room Company@DHS

Red Room Company@DHS

A wide range of students from years 7-10 have participated in a fabulous poetry workshop that was held at school today.

We had the pleasure of working with the inspirational Lily Blue from the Red Room Company as she helped us to create beautiful imagery with our words. For some students this was quite an emotional experience as they expressed their feelings about their special talismanic objects.

It has been a wonderful morning working with Lily, and our talented young writers. In the next few weeks selected student works will be published online and we look forward to sharing them with you!

Red Room Company @DHS!

Red Room Company @DHS!

Today students at Dapto High School have been given the opportunity to attend poetry workshops with poet Lily Blue from the Red Room Company. In these workshops students are creating poetry using special objects as inspiration.

Stay tuned for some of their amazing work!

Student Principal for a Day – Taylor Glover!

Student Principal for a Day – Taylor Glover!

What is leadership to you?

Leadership uniquely, is a dynamic term which can be defined in over 10,000 ways. Acting as student principal for the day, I realised the diversity of the word and how it can be altered in certain situations.

For example, working in the morning with the principal, Mr Fitzsimons saw me talking with numerous staff and students, becoming aware of obscurities around the school, and observing the procedures of a regular day.

I then spent some time with the highly esteemed Mrs McGregor, where I discussed leadership and improvements for Dapto High School with her year 7 English class.

The sanctuary then facilitated the current captains and I where we conversed about their experiences in the SRC, both good and bad.


So having experiences today from the perspective of a principal, a teacher and a student; I have come to realise the importance of leadership in our school.

If you are currently in Year 10 and are keen about leadership, feel free to talk with me about my experience today because I highly recommend participating in this opportunity next year!

Consider this, “IF NOT ME, WHO? IF NOT NOW, WHEN?” – Emma Watson
-Taylor Glover

PASS Training

PASS Training

Dapto High has been accepted to be a pilot school for an innovative mentoring program called PASS – Peer Assisted Study Sessions.

It is a University program that trains high achieving students as mentors who then run mentoring sessions with younger students, all evidence shows that this can have a direct improvement in results for the younger students.

Mrs. McGregor and Mr. Rhodes were trained as PASS facilitators late last year and plans have begun to implement this at DHS. On Wednesday 9 of our Year 11 students completed a day of PASS training with Mr Rhodes. The students undertook a vigorous application process to be considered for a position in this program and spent a full day developing their skills as leaders.

Congratulations to the following students, Megan Burnett, Jade Cromie, Piper Gambuzza, Taylor Glover, Sean Hood, Tamara Paul, Anastacia Rowles, Katrina Storey and Athena Wadey. Congratulations to these determined young leaders – Year 9 will be the beneficiaries of their skills later this term.

Ms. M. McGregor
Instructional Leader



Yesterday, the two Year 11 Advanced English classes embarked on an excursion to the Sydney Opera House, to see Bell Shakespeare’s production of the play As You Like It.

It was a fantastic opportunity and a highly enjoyable experience, as a combination of contemporary and traditional elements were worked into the play. The superb actors were dressed in a 60’s fashion and to add to this atmosphere, the performance was accompanied with jazzy arrangements of Shakespeare’s lyrics.

The Shakespearean language was executed precisely, and due to this the performance appealed to both classical and modern audiences. These themes, combined with a productive use of lighting and sound, undoubtedly made As You Like It an enriching experience for all those who attended.

Thank you Dapto High for this opportunity!

Sean Hood


What a wonderful day 28 Year 11 students had on their excursion to the Sydney Opera House. The play was fabulous, the city was beautiful and the students were exceptional representatives of our school!

Ms. McGregor and Mrs. Hartcher

IN2UNI Year 11 Boot Camp

IN2UNI Year 11 Boot Camp

On Tuesday 24th March, thirty of our keenest Year 11 students attended a ‘Boot Camp’ run by the University of Wollongong. The students participated in 5 modules:

  • how do I learn?
  • note taking and summaries
  • setting goals
  • preparation for exams
  • what to expect in the HSC

Two IN2UNI mentors, Cass and Elise, lead the group through lots of practical strategies including how to create a study timetable, how to summarise and take notes and how to explore UAC for course information.

Cass and Elise outlined their own experience during the HSC providing plenty of tips for success and anecdotes about their own struggles. The students were also able to ask the mentors questions about university and how to achieve their goals.

It was wonderful to see the students excited about their learning and about the opportunities that are available to them.

Ms. McGregor

Instructional Leader E3