Congratulations are due over 140 students with 100% attendance during Term 3. Over 40 students have 100% for the year. These students will be receiving merits and certificates for their great attendance. They are also are in the running for our end of year rewards day. Last year 30 students got a free Learn to Surf day and lunch at Chicho’s all for having great attendance. Keep up the effort and the rewards will come.

Attendance letters
I will be sending letters to all parents/carers of students whose attendance is causing concern. Attendance below 85% is a concern. If your child’s attendance is below 80% it means on average your child is having one day off a week. Please feel free to call and discuss your child’s attendance.

Why does Attendance Matter?
Regular attendance not only improves academic results but enables students to develop a sense of belonging to a peer group and assists in building important coping and friendship skills. Confident students are less likely to engage in anti-social behaviour.
Regular attendance relieves stress and makes school easier.
We have lots of support here at Dapto High School to help students, in the form of counsellors, year advisors, the welfare team, senior student mentor, careers advisors etc. If you feel like you need support come and speak to us.

Late is not great
Being on time is important and at Dapto High School we actively encourage all students to be on time. If you are late please make sure a note is supplied to explain why, with a valid reason. If your child is late without a valid reason it will go down as an unjustified partial absence and this will appear on your child’s report.
Mr P. Cattle